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This year call New Leaf Mowing for a free estimate, then discover what real quality and value in lawn care can mean for you, your family and your property.

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Welcome to New Leaf Mowing

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During your first paid mowing season get free spring and winter fertilizing for free!

MowerWelcome to New Leaf Mowing. New Leaf Mowing is located in Prairie Village, Kansas and serves Prairie Village and Lenexa, Kansas areas.

Growing a green lawn, mowing, trimming bushes and trees, and maintaining the look of your home takes time and energy. Do you prefer hiring lawn care services to take over a large part or all the effort? Want more time for Family, Friends, or Yourself?

Remember that each lawn is different and that your lawn does not necessarily need the same treatment as your neighbor's. Make sure you are getting "custom" service.
Since we have a small select clientele your lawn will receive the attention it needs.

Contact Us Now for a price quotes. 2005
Serving Prairie Village & Lenexa Kansas Areas